VOL. 61 · NO. 5 | September 2008

Rangeland Ecology and Management
Research Papers
61(5), 475-484, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/07-133.1
KEYWORDS: Bromus tectorum, invasion, nitrate, rangeland restoration, sagebrush steppe, sucrose addition
61(5), 485-495, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/07-075.1
KEYWORDS: down woody material, ecological restoration, pinyon–juniper woodlands, Safe site, slash mulch, understory production
61(5), 496-508, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/07-114.1
KEYWORDS: competition, drought, precipitation variability, Prosopis glandulosa, savanna, Species composition, woody encroachment, woody plant
61(5), 509-520, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/08-043.1
KEYWORDS: burn season, fire ecology, grassland vegetation, growing-season fire
61(5), 521-528, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/07-050.1
KEYWORDS: channels, erosion, grassland, rainfall simulation, rills, surface hydrology
61(5), 529-534, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/07-142R.1
KEYWORDS: biological control, Ceutorhynchus litura, Hesperostipa comata, integrated pest management (IPM), Sporobolus airoides, synergism, weevil
61(5), 535-542, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/08-037.1
KEYWORDS: calcium, Centrocercus urophasianus, crude protein, Forb, phosphorus, reproduction
61(5), 543-553, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/08-099.1
KEYWORDS: Athene cunicularia, endangered species, faecal residues, nontarget
61(5), 554-560, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/08-038.1
KEYWORDS: cattle, diet, jaguars, Mexico, mortality, predation, pumas, Sonora
Research Notes
61(5), 561-565, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/08-012.1
KEYWORDS: Bobwhite Quail, Brush management, Colinus virginianus, mesquite, Prosopis glandulosa, woody plant encroachment
61(5), 566-570, (1 September 2008)https://doi.org/10.2111/05-119.1
KEYWORDS: compaction, fecal, intake, Prosopis, Serum
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