VOL. 62 · NO. 2 | March 2009

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Rangeland Ecology and Management
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/08-008.1
KEYWORDS: community structure, conservation grazing, disturbances, patch burning, rangeland ecosystem, vegetation composition, vegetation heterogeneity, wildlife habitat
Research Papers
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/07-120.1
KEYWORDS: gorse, heather, herbivory, plant succession, small ruminants
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/08-200.1
KEYWORDS: cattle grazing, hysteresis, rangeland management, semiarid rangelands, spatial coupling
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/07-020.1
KEYWORDS: body fat, Cervus elaphus nelsoni, ecological carrying capacity, habitat, reproduction
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/07-135.1
KEYWORDS: livestock production, management strategies, MESMIS, rangelands, sustainability indicators
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/08-048.1
KEYWORDS: linear spectral unmixing, NDVI, net primary production, NOAA-AVHRR, spatial variability, stocking rate
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/08-196.1
KEYWORDS: altered precipitation, hierarchy of plant responses, life forms, plant strategies, plant water relations
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/08-125.1
KEYWORDS: Acacia farnesiana, Celtis ehrenbergiana, Condalia hookeri, prescribed burning, South Texas
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/06-171.1
KEYWORDS: landscape ecology, phase-shift, state-and-transition, Succession, threshold, transition, western juniper
Research Note
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/08-001.1
KEYWORDS: feces, foraging selectivity, Leymus chinensis, near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS), steppe
Technical Note
62(2), (1 March 2009) https://doi.org/10.2111/08-182.1
KEYWORDS: belowground production, root-ingrowth core, root-length density
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