The Coleopterists Bulletin
The Coleopterists Bulletin was founded in 1947, and publishes a wide variety of articles, notes, and book reviews regarding the biology, taxonomy and ecology of beetles (Coleoptera).

    Founded in 1947 by Ross H. Arnett, Jr., The Coleopterists Bulletin is a refereed quarterly journal, which includes a wide variety of articles on taxonomy and ecology of beetles (Coleoptera). Both members and non-members may submit manuscripts for consideration for publication.


Print ISSN: 0010-065X

Online ISSN: 1938-4394

Current: Dec 2021 : Volume 75 Issue 4

BioOne Member Since: 2001

Frequency: Quarterly

Impact Factor: 0.776

Journal Citation Reports® Ranking: 79/102 Entomology

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