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VOL. 43 · NO. 3-4 | September 2020

NOTES (12)
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), i-ii, (15 September 2020) Open Access
Kristin Bianchini, David J. Newstead, Christy A. Morrissey
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 225-356, (15 September 2020) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Calidris alba, Midcontinental Flyway, Migration timing, Motus radio-telemetry, sanderling, shorebird
Sarah E. Gumbleton, David W. Kerstetter, Christopher A. Blanar, Amy C. Hirons
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 238-250, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: δ13C, δ15N, feeding ecology, Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, parasites, wading birds, White Ibis
Robert Buchsbaum, Wesley Clark
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 251-262, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: Ardea alba, Egretta thula, estuary, foraging, Great Egret, Great Marsh, Salt marsh, Snowy Egret
Landon R. Jones, Emily Godollei, Alexis Sosa, Katrina Hucks, Scott T. Walter, Paul L. Leberg, Jeff Spring
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 263-270, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: Ardea alba, Brown Pelican, drone, colonial waterbird, Great Egret, ground survey, Pelecanus occidentalis, UAS, UAV
Michelle L. Stantial, Jonathan B. Cohen
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 271-280, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: apparent survival, chick survival, Charadrius melodus, nest survival, Piping Plover, researcher effect, shorebird
Catherine E. Ricketts, Elizabeth Kurimo-Beechuk, William E. Mills, Robert J. Cooper, Sara H. Schweitzer, Ernie P. Wiggers, Jeffrey Hepinstall-Cymerman
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 281-291, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: Adaptive Local Convex Hull, Atlantic Coast, clapper rail, habitat selection, multi-scale analysis, Rallus crepitans, survival
Miguel A. Mora, Susan A. Heath, Meredith Bohannon, William W. Bowerman
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 292-298, (15 September 2020) Open Access
KEYWORDS: American Oystercatcher, Organochlorines, PCBs, Shorebirds, Texas Gulf Coast
Michael R. Conover, Maureen G. Frank
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 299-306, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: Canada geese, first-year survival, fledging mass, hatching date, juvenile survival, non-migratory geese, post-fledging survival, recruitment rates, second-year survival, survival rates
D. Julian Tattoni, Erin A. Mordecai, Michelle L. Stantial
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 307-313, (15 September 2020) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Beach nesting birds, climate change, coexistence, endangered species, habitat loss, Least Tern, interspecific interactions, Sea level rise, Sternula antillarum
Todd A. Felix, Ginger Young, Nicholas A. Panella, Kristen L. Burkhalter, Nicholas Komar
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 314-320, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: blood, colony, Colorado, cormorant, egret, gull, mosquitoes, pelican, waterbirds, West Nile virus
Robert Gwiazda, Adam Flis, Ewa Szarek-Gwiazda, Łukasz Pszczeliński
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 321-325, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: diet, fish-eating birds, fish length, foraging ecology, piscivorous, Prey composition, reservoirs
Hillary L. Thompson, Nicole M. Gordon
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 326-332, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: breeding, Grus americana, incubation, nest, reintroduced population, same-sex sexual behavior, Whooping Crane, Wisconsin
Roberto F. Thomson, M. Angélica Vukasovic, Cristián F. Estades
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 333-336, (15 September 2020) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Andes Mountains, Argentina, Chile, flight, GPS, migration, movements, telemetry, waterfowl
Christian J. Salvadeo
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 337-341, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: competition, Eared Grebe, Great Blue Heron, Gulf of California, kleptoparasitism, predation, Turkey Vulture, Yellow-footed Gull
Peter W. C. Paton, Pamela H. Loring, Grace D. Cormons, Kenneth D. Meyer, Sara Williams, Linda J. Welch
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 342-347, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: Backpack harness, Common Tern, mortality, Roseate Tern, satellite transmitter
Paul Smith, Sylvia Centrón
Waterbirds 43 (3-4), 348-352, (15 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: Chaco, egg-covering, egg destruction, Least Grebe, Muscovy duck, nest defense, trill call
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