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25 March 2022 Differences between Northern and Southern Female Coyotes
Alina Gabriela Monroy-Gamboa
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The coyote (Canis latrans) has a wide distribution range, spanning boreal forests from the north of the continent to tropical environments in Central America, showing great adaptation and plasticity. Bergmann's rule states that individuals inhabiting colder climates are larger than those in warmer climates. It is suggested that in carnivore species, litter size is influenced by allometric constraints such as maternal body size. The aim of this study is to analyze the relations using correlation between female coyote mass, latitude, and litter size. Using data compiled from the literature, I carried out statistical analyses to correlate female body size, litter size, and latitude for coyotes across their distribution range. The results indicated a soft significant correlation between female body size and latitude, confirming Bergmann's rule. However, no significant correlation was found between litter size and latitude or between litter size and female body size; litter size in coyotes remains roughly uniform across their distribution range.

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Alina Gabriela Monroy-Gamboa "Differences between Northern and Southern Female Coyotes," Western North American Naturalist 82(1), 183-189, (25 March 2022).
Received: 26 January 2021; Accepted: 7 October 2021; Published: 25 March 2022
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