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1 September 1995 Nordic Council for Wildlife Research

Grants for Nordic researchers

The Nordic Council for Wildlife Research (NKV) grants financial aid to Nordic researchers and students within game biology and subsidises travels and symposia. NKV finances the publication of WILDLIFE BIOLOGY and therefore does not support research projects financially at present.

Applications sent to the Council will be considered at the ordinary NKV meetings, which are held in February, May and October. Applications must reach the Council well in advance of each meeting and should be sent to:

Nordic Council for Wildlife Research

Secretary Pekka Helle

Meltaus Wildlife Research Station

FIN-97340 Meltaus


Fax no: +358 60 76 12 55

Travel Grants

Nordic researchers and students may apply for financial aid in connection with visits to research institution etc. in the Nordic countries.

The application must give detailed information about the purpose of the visit, the applicant's research area, the destination, time and duration of the journey as well as the travel expenses. Furthermore, students are required to enclose a recommendation signed by their tutor.

Travel expenses should be kept at a minimum, i.e. travels should be made by train, boat or bus. In some cases, travels by car or plane may be accepted, but the applicant should state his/her reason for choosing either of these in the application. Room and board rates are: SEK 250 per night and SEK 150 per day. Applicants should state whether they have applied for financial support elsewhere, and if so, for how much money they have applied.

NKV does not consider applications for travels already undertaken.


NKV may contribute financially to symposia or courses etc. within game biology which may be of Nordic interest. Contributions may cover the travel expenses of participants but may also cover expenses connected with inviting contributions from non-Nordic researchers. NKV supports both small and wide-ranging symposia.

Applications should state the title of the symposium and should give a detailed description of the objective, target audience, number of participants, the time and place of the symposium and must specify how the results of the symposium will be published.

NKV considers it highly important that applications reach it well in advance of the symposium. The application should contain a list of expenses including travel grants.

Please note that no contributions will be given neither to individual participants nor to symposia which have already been held.

Information about NKV's application routines may be obtained by sending your name and address to the NKV Secretariat (see address above).

NKV encourages all Nordic researchers to help make known the possibilities of obtaining financial support from NKV.

"Nordic Council for Wildlife Research," Wildlife Biology 1(3), 1, (1 September 1995).
Published: 1 September 1995
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