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1 December 1999 A new record of the rare Notholirion koeiei Rech.f. (Liliaceae) from NE Iraq
Abdul Husain Al-Khayat
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A population of Notholirion koeiei, so far incompletely known from only four collection from Central Iran, W Iran and E Iraq, has been found in NE Iraq near the border with Turkey. A full description, based on herbarium material and life plants, and a distribution map of the species are provided.

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Abdul Husain Al-Khayat "A new record of the rare Notholirion koeiei Rech.f. (Liliaceae) from NE Iraq," Willdenowia 29(1/2), 155-158, (1 December 1999).
Published: 1 December 1999
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