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31 August 2001 Notes on Crossopetalum, Myginda and Gyminda (Celastraceae) from Cuba
Birgit Mory
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Mory, B.: Notes on Crossopetalum, Myginda and Gyminda (Celastraceae) from Cuba. — Willdenowia 31: 129-135. 2001. — ISSN 0511-9618.

Taxonomic and nomenclatural results related to Cuba from a revision of the Celastraceae for the projects of the “Flora de la República de Cuba” and the “Flora of the Greater Antilles” are provided: Crossopetalum orientale is described as a species and Myginda uragoga subsp. glabra as a subspecies new to science, the combination Gyminda latifolia subsp. glaucifolia is validated, C. coriaceum, previously known only from the Bahamas, is reported for Cuba for the first time, the names Myginda uragoga and Maytenus cuneifolius (≡ Torralbasia cuneifolia) are neotypified and lectotypified, respectively and C. spathulifolium is placed in the synonymy of the latter name.

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Birgit Mory "Notes on Crossopetalum, Myginda and Gyminda (Celastraceae) from Cuba," Willdenowia 31(1), 129-135, (31 August 2001).
Published: 31 August 2001

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