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1 June 2011 An inventory of the vascular plants and bryophytes of Gavdopoula island (S Aegean, Greece) and its phytogeographical significance
Erwin Bergmeier, Thomas Blockeel, Niels Böhling, Christina Fournaraki, Panagiota Gotsiou, Ralf Jahn, Richard Lansdown, Nicholas Turland
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Gavdopoula is an island of 177.5 ha in the S Aegean, near the southeasternmost point of Europe. Based on field excursions in 1998/99 and 2009/10, we provide an annotated floristic catalogue of 186 vascular plant and 13 bryophyte taxa, with a full record of herbarium specimens and field observations, being the first botanical inventory of the island. Species richness in relation to island area is, as shown in a diagram, according to expectations. Among the vascular plants there are six regional (‘Cretan area’) endemics. The Saharo-Arabian-S Mediterranean phytogeographical element is well represented, with several species confined in Greece or even in Europe to the small islands south of Crete. Of these, Atriplex mollis occurs in Europe only on Gavdopoula. The moss Entosthodon commutatus has not previously been recorded from the E Mediterranean. The vegetation is controlled chiefly by the dry Mediterranean climate, calcareous shallow soils, sea spray and seasonal grazing. It consists of halo-nitrophytic and Pistacia lentiscus scrub, two types of phrygana, small-scale ephemeral pastures with winter-annuals on red-loamy soils, and sea-cliff vegetation. The new combination, Lysimachia arvensis var. caerulea, is published.

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© 2011 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Erwin Bergmeier, Thomas Blockeel, Niels Böhling, Christina Fournaraki, Panagiota Gotsiou, Ralf Jahn, Richard Lansdown, and Nicholas Turland "An inventory of the vascular plants and bryophytes of Gavdopoula island (S Aegean, Greece) and its phytogeographical significance," Willdenowia 41(1), 179-190, (1 June 2011).
Published: 1 June 2011

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