One Health and Public Health | March 2023

One Health is an approach that recognizes the connection between human, animal, and environmental health. By mobilizing researchers, physicians, veterinarians, laboratory scientists, and disease experts, One Health seeks to improve the health of people as well as the animals and plants that make up our shared environment.

By encouraging collaboration across disciplines, borders, and communities, researchers are seeking solutions to some of our world’s most pressing health-related challenges: zoonotic, tropical, and vector-borne diseases; food safety and security; pollution management; and antimicrobial resistance. Sharing key research and findings is essential for the prevention, detection, and effective response to global health threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

magnifying glass icon with a beetle insideThe March 2023 edition of BioOne VISTA features research in One Health and public health from Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, Avian Diseases, Journal of Entomological Science, Journal of Medical Entomology, Journal of Vector Ecology, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and more.

All articles in our March 2023 edition of BioOne VISTA are free to read through June 15, 2023, with thanks to our participating publishers.

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