Polar Sciences

BioOne VISTA | January 2024

Earth's polar regions boast remarkably diverse flora and fauna, each uniquely adapted to thrive in their extreme environments. Through polar science research, we gain invaluable insights into the adaptive strategies of organisms in these harsh settings, with potential applications extending to fields like medicine and biotechnology. Simultaneously, the Arctic and Antarctic play pivotal roles in climate regulation and sea level maintenance, making it essential to study the ice sheets, glaciers, and polar ecosystems so that we can better comprehend and monitor the repercussions of climate change, given the polar regions' heightened sensitivity as key indicators of global environmental shifts.

This article collection proudly features peer-reviewed scientific research from BioOne Complete publishing partners, including Annales Zoologici, Cryptogamie, Bryologie, The Journal of Raptor Research, Paleontological Research, Ursus, Zoological Science, and more.

BioOne VISTA. Closeup of a Gentoo Penguin in the snow, it's wings open wide.

Coming in February 2024:

Our next BioOne VISTA collection will feature research about dinosaurs.

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