VOL. 91 · NO. 2 | May 2011
Special Section: Flow and Transport in Layered Soils
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS09117
KEYWORDS: Layered soil, coarse textured, field capacity, Sol en couches, texture grossière, capacite au champ
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10078
KEYWORDS: porosity, tillage, pedon, spectral analysis, Porosité, travail du sol, pédon, analyse spectrale
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10090
KEYWORDS: soil, cover, unsaturated, layered, percolation, mine, sol, couverture, insaturé, superposition, percolation, mine
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS09118
KEYWORDS: infiltration, drainage, pedotransfer function, hysteresis, layered soils, infiltration, drainage, fonction de pédotransfert, hystérèse, sol à couches multiples
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10009
KEYWORDS: System dynamics model, infiltration, drainage, layered soils, Modèle de dynamique systémique, infiltration, drainage, sols stratifiés
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10012
KEYWORDS: soil water, layered coarse soils, leaf area index, actual evapotranspiration, eau du sol, sols grossiers stratifiés, indice foliaire, évapotranspiration réelle
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10079
KEYWORDS: Soil tongues, peferential flow, VS2DI, layered soils, water and solute transport, inter-horizon boundary, Langues de sol, écoulement préférentiel, VS2DI, sols stratifiés, transport de l'eau et des solutés, interface des horizons
Ecology, Biological Processes and Plant Interactions
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS09051
KEYWORDS: Acetylene inhibition, bulk density, denitrification, Freezing, nitrate, N2O, nitrous oxide, depth, thaw, Inhibition par l'acétylène, masse volumique apparente, Dénitrification, gel, nitrate, N2O, oxyde nitreux, profondeur, dégel
Composition and Chemical Processes
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS09120
KEYWORDS: Heat pulse probe, ice, Sonde à impulsions thermiques, glace
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10066
KEYWORDS: soil organic carbon, d13C, acid fumigation and carbonate removal, carbone organique du sol, d13C, fumigation acide, extraction des carbonates
Genesis, Landscape Processes and Relationships
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10080
KEYWORDS: topography, landscape segmentation, landform, hillslope, Topographie, segmentation du relief, relief, pente
Contamination and Environmental Stewardship
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10064
KEYWORDS: rainfall simulation, phosphorus transport, phosphorus losses, runoff, environmental soil test phosphorus, Tropical soils, Simulation de pluie, transport de phosphore, perte de phosphore, ruissellement, analyse environnemental P du sol, sols tropicaux
Management for Agricultural, Forestry and Urban Uses
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10099
KEYWORDS: Potato production, rainfall simulator, soil loss, water runoff, Gestion des cultures de pommes de terre, simulateur de pluie, érosion du sol, ruissellement
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10089
KEYWORDS: Eutrophication, index of phosphorus saturation, Mehlich III method, organic soil, phosphorus, spatial variability, Eutrophication, indice de saturation en phosphore, méthode Mehlich III, sols organiques, phosphorus, variabilite spatial
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS10070
KEYWORDS: Nitrous oxide flux, oxyde nitreux
Letter to the Editor
Acknowledgement of Reviewers
91(2), (1 May 2011) https://doi.org/10.1139/CJSS11502
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