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17 December 2020 The Application of Destress Mining Technology in Deep High Stress Stope of a Submarine Mine
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Feng, P.; Yang, X.; Guo, Q.; Wang, H., and Wan, C., 2020. The application of destress mining technology in deep high stress stope of a submarine mine. In: Liu, X. and Zhao, L. (eds.), Today's Modern Coastal Society: Technical and Sociological Aspects of Coastal Research. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 111, pp. 34–38. Coconut Creek (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208.

The deep ore rock of a submarine gold mine had strong rock burst tendency. The difference between its maximum principal stress and minimum principal stress was large, and the surrounding rock deformation and failure were serious. A combined regional and local destress mining technology for the high stress submarine environment was proposed and applied to deep stope in coastal deposit. Regionally, the stope structure and stope sequence were optimized to reconstruct the favorable ground stress environment. Locally, the destress engineering was arranged rationally to interfere with the transmission path of the maximum principal stress. Meanwhile, the pillar was supported by flexible cooperative support with shotcrete and anchor net. The (stress and strain) in situ monitoring indicated that the stress in submarine stope appeared three-dimensional balanced distribution after destress, and the surrounding rock deformation of submarine roadway tended to be stable, achieving the expected destress mining effect in coastal high stress deposit.

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Panxue Feng, Xiaocong Yang, Qifeng Guo, Huxin Wang, and Chuanchuan Wan "The Application of Destress Mining Technology in Deep High Stress Stope of a Submarine Mine," Journal of Coastal Research 111(sp1), 34-38, (17 December 2020).
Received: 26 February 2020; Accepted: 3 July 2020; Published: 17 December 2020

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