Volume 27, Issue 6
VOL. 27 · NO. 6 | November 2011
27(6), 1005-1018, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/11A-00014.1
KEYWORDS: climate change, drought, intercontinental freshwater shipment, maritime sea-lane development, Pecero self-rolling bag, macroengineering
27(6), 1019-1028, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-11-00017.1
KEYWORDS: LIDAR bathymetry, beach profiling, coastline delineation, coastal geomorphology, flood zone delineation, Sea level rise
27(6), 1029-1051, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-10-00008.1
KEYWORDS: National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Louisiana coastal area, Wetlands, land loss, subsidence, sea-level rise, hurricanes, basement structure, coastal restoration, basin analysis
27(6), 1052-1058, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-11-00049.1
KEYWORDS: Camphorweed, morphology, habitats, communities, population ecology, competition, potential biological control agents
27(6), 1059-1064, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-11-00028.1
KEYWORDS: Louisiana mangrove, Oil spill, decision-tree classification
27(6), 1065-1075, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-09-00093.1
KEYWORDS: Scenic evaluation, perception, evaluation, expert grading, fuzzy assessment
27(6), 1076-1084, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-09-00163.1
KEYWORDS: sediment dynamics, fluorescent tracer, hydrodynamic conditions
27(6), 1085-1093, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-10-00135.1
KEYWORDS: isostasy, drainage divide change, paleodelta, Gulf of Maine
27(6), 1094-1102, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-10-00145.1
KEYWORDS: Time-series modeling, autoregressive, cyclical autoregressive models, stochastic processes, mudshoals, Guyana coast
27(6), 1103-1112, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-09-00169.1
KEYWORDS: Seawalls, waves, reflection, dynamic pressures, run-up, overtopping, curved seawalls
27(6), 1113-1121, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-10-00156.1
KEYWORDS: barrier islands, nitrogen use efficiency, stable isotopes, Succession, water use efficiency
27(6), 1122-1136, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-10-00161.1
KEYWORDS: coastal dunes, geomorphological survey, historical maps, historical aerial and land photos, historical dune variations, AMS datings, geomorphological setting
27(6), 1137-1147, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-10-00166.1
KEYWORDS: Coastal zone management, coastal municipalities, homogeneous coastal units
27(6), 1148-1158, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-10-00171.1
KEYWORDS: phytoplankton, zooplankton, filtration, Chesapeake Bay, water quality
27(6), 1159-1169, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-09-00148.1
KEYWORDS: Free-surface flow, Navier-Stokes equations, volume of fluid, accelerating plate, solitary wave, cnoidal wave
27(6), 1170-1182, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-11-00021.1
KEYWORDS: Ebb–flood asymmetry, river discharge, variability, numerical model, Galicia
27(6), 1183-1190, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-09-00151.1
KEYWORDS: Permeable seabed, wave damping, Wave transmission
27(6), 1191-1201, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-10-00113.1
KEYWORDS: Physical forcing, estuarine variability, management, U.S.A, California
27(6), 1202-1205, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/11A-00015.1
KEYWORDS: Aeolian sediment transport sensors, sensor comparison, uncertainty, experimental design
27(6), 1209-1210, (1 November 2011)https://doi.org/10.2112/11A-00017.1
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