VOL. 49 · NO. 1 | March 2015

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Peter H Bloom
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 1-17, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/jrr-14-54.1 Open Access
KEYWORDS: red-tailed hawk, Buteo jamaicensis, banding, migration, satellite tracking, summering area
Courtney Turrin, Bryan D. Watts
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 18-28, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/JRR-14-00043.1 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, nest defense, Nest guarding, parental roles
Chad W. LeBeau, Ryan M. Nielson, Eric C. Hallingstad, David P. Young
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 29-42, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/JRR-13-00052.1 Open Access
KEYWORDS: golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos, energy development, territories, telemetry, risk, resource selection, logistic regression, habitat use, habitat selection, GPS
Joseph G. Barnes, Shawn L. Gerstenberger
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 43-58, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/jrr-14-00045.1 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus, Arizona, breeding, contaminants, mercury, Nevada, prey
Ismael Galván, Alberto Jorge
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 59-65, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/jrr-14-00018.1 Open Access
KEYWORDS: gyrfalcon, Falco rusticolus, age-related variation, oxidative stress, pheomelanin, plumage coloration
Sofi Hindmarch, John E. Elliott
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 66-74, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/jrr-14-00012.1 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Barred Owl, Strix varia, diet, rats, rodenticide, urban
Alberto Macías-Duarte, Courtney J. Conway
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 75-83, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/JRR-14-00004.1
KEYWORDS: burrowing owl, Athene cunicularia, Fourier series, geographic range, logistic regression, North American Breeding Bird Survey
Scott Weidensaul, Marten Stoffel, Mark S. Monroe, David Okines, Bill Lane, John Gregoire, Sue Gregoire, Tim Kita
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 84-88, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/jrr-13-00073.1
KEYWORDS: Genetics, pastel dilution, phaeomelanin, plumage, eumelanin, aberrant, Aegolius acadicus, Northern Saw-whet Owl
Jessica Pollock, Jay D. Carlisle, Chad Runco, Gregory Kaltenecker
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 88-92, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/jrr-13-00064.1
KEYWORDS: Flammulated Owl, Psiloscops flammeolus, Northern Saw-whet Owl, Aegolius acadicus, capture frequency, fall migration
Peter H. Bloom, Jeff W. Kidd, Scott E. Thomas
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 92-97, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/jrr-13-00080.1
KEYWORDS: golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos, bow net, Sweden, trap success, Wind energy
Carol L. McIntyre
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 98-101, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/JRR-14-00022.1
KEYWORDS: golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos, Alaska, breeding, egg, nest, reproduction
No abstract available
Gonzalo O. Ignazi
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 101-103, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/JRR-14-00034.1
KEYWORDS: Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle, Geranoaetus melanoleucus, Argentina, breeding, ground nesting, nesting, Patagonia
No abstract available
Massimiliano Di Vittorio, Salvatore Grenci, Giovanni La Grua, Carmelo Bucalo, Angelo Scuderi, Francesco Palazzolo, Edoardo Di Trapani, Giuseppe Rannisi, Gabriele Giacalone, Andrea Ciaccio, Marco Fiori, Massimiliano Rocco
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 103-105, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/JRR-13-00089.1
KEYWORDS: Bonelli's Eagle, Aquila fasciata, CITES, illegal trade, nestling, rehabilitation
No abstract available
Adrian A. Barnett
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 105-107, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/jrr-13-00090.1
KEYWORDS: Black Hawk-Eagle, Spizaetus tyrannus, diet, fragmentation, foraging, Neotropics, predation, primate, raptor
No abstract available
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (1), 108, (1 March 2015) https://doi.org/10.3356/0892-1016-49.1.108
No abstract available
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