Den structure and selection of denning habitat by brown bears in the Romanian Carpathians
VOL. 2020 | NO. 31e5
January 2020
Seasonal diet switching in captive giant pandas
VOL. 2020 | NO. 31e4
January 2020
Effects of a highway on the genetic diversity of Asiatic black bears
VOL. 2020 | NO. 31e3
January 2020
Female brown bears use areas with infanticide risk in a spatially confined population
VOL. 2020 | NO. 31e2
January 2020
VOL. 2020 | NO. 31e8
January 2020
Andean bear diet near to and far from a road
VOL. 2020 | NO. 31e7
January 2020
Potential for recreational restrictions to reduce grizzly bear–caused human injuries
VOL. 2020 | NO. 31e6
January 2020
American black bear population fragmentation detected with pedigrees in the transborder Canada–United States region
VOL. 2020 | NO. 31e1
January 2020
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