Marking behavior of Asiatic black bears at rub trees
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e24
December 2021
Landscape associations of Asiatic black bears in Kashmir Himalaya, Pakistan
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e23
December 2021
Four approaches for estimating isotope discrimination factors produce contrasting dietary estimates for bears
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e22
December 2021
Ecological effects on the nutritional value of bromeliads, and its influence on Andean bears’ diet selection
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e21
November 2021
Spatial patterns of genetic diversity in eight bear (Ursidae) species
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e20
November 2021
Complete mitochondrial genome of a sun bear from Malaysia and its position in the phylogeny of Ursidae
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e19
November 2021
American residents' knowledge of brown bear safety and appropriate human behavior
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e18
October 2021
Seasonality of Andean bear scat contents in Amazonas, northeastern Peru
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e17
September 2021
Behavior of the European brown bear at rub trees
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e9
January 2021
Polar bear behavioral response to vessel surveys in northeastern Chukchi Sea, 2008–2014
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e8
January 2021
Burying of dead cubs by a brown bear in Greece: Food caching or ‘grief’ behavior?
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e7
January 2021
A model to predict the occurrence of Asiatic black bears at the municipal level using mast production data
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e6
January 2021
Improving estimates of body mass in American black bears using morphometrics and non-linear models
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e5
January 2021
Site characteristics influence Andean bear natal-den selection in dry forest habitat
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e4
January 2021
Sun bear predation on an oriental pied hornbill nest
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e3
January 2021
Scent-marking behavior by female sloth bears during estrus
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e2
January 2021
An apparent case of infanticide in the Asiatic black bear in Japan
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e16
January 2021
Spatial analysis of rehabilitated American black bears to assess conflict potential
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e15
January 2021
Molecular evaluation of American black bear prey consumption following diversionary feeding
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e14
January 2021
Spatial distribution of the threatened Asiatic black bear in northern Pakistan
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e13
January 2021
An Andean bear population hotspot in Northern Peru
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e12
January 2021
Relationship between diet and occurrence around human settlements in Asiatic black bears
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e11
January 2021
Food caching by bears: A literature review and new observations for Asiatic and American black bears
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e10
January 2021
Brown bear feeding habits in a poor mast year where supplemental feeding occurs
VOL. 2021 | NO. 32e1
January 2021
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