Spectacled bears surrounded by gold mines in the Serranía de San Lucas, Colombia
VOL. 2024 | NO. 35e8
April 2024
Using camera traps to assess body condition of brown bears in Hokkaido
VOL. 2024 | NO. 35e7
April 2024
Dietary habits of Asiatic black bear in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan
VOL. 2024 | NO. 35e6
March 2024
Functional responses of giant panda gut microbiota to high-fiber diets
VOL. 2024 | NO. 35e5
March 2024
American black bear cub rehabilitation and release: Jurisdictional practices across North America
VOL. 2024 | NO. 35e4
March 2024
First sighting of a sloth bear in a decade in Shuklaphanta National Park, Nepal
VOL. 2024 | NO. 35e3
February 2024
Bed-site selection of Asiatic black bears in the Central Alps, Japan
VOL. 2024 | NO. 35e2
February 2024
Variation in density of grizzly bears and American black bears in relation to habitat covariates and co-occurrence in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
VOL. 2024 | NO. 35e1
January 2024
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