Enhancements to population monitoring of Yellowstone grizzly bears
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e17
December 2022
Genetic status and conservation implications of endangered Formosan black bears
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e16
December 2022
Asiatic black bears and sun bears in Virachey National Park, Northeast Cambodia
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e15
December 2022
First photographic records and conservation status of Asiatic black and sun bears in Nagaland, India
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e14
December 2022
Infanticide or predation? Cannibalism by a brown bear in Hokkaido, Japan
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e13
December 2022
Survival of rehabilitated yearling American black bears
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e9
July 2022
Population estimation of Asiatic black bear in the Himalayan Region of India using camera traps
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e8
July 2022
Comparing management techniques used on conflict American black bears in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e12
July 2022
Factors influencing Arctic brown bear annual home range sizes and limitations of home range analyses
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e11
July 2022
Cannibalism in bears
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e10
July 2022
Rub tree use and selection by American black bears and grizzly bears in northern Yellowstone National Park
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e7
June 2022
Exposure of American black bears to various pathogens in Wisconsin
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e6
May 2022
Alpine ericaceous dwarf shrubs as summer food resources for Asiatic black bears in Japan
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e5
May 2022
First evidence of a brown bear on Wrangel Island, Russia
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e4
March 2022
Sloth bears and anthropogenic risks in Karnataka, India
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e3
February 2022
Optimal barbed wire height for brown bear hair sample collection
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e2
January 2022
Ecto- and endoparasites of brown bears living in an extreme environment, the Gobi Desert, Mongolia
VOL. 2022 | NO. 33e1
January 2022
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