In the article “Interpopulation Comparison of Sex-Biased Mortality and Sexual Size Dimorphism in Sea-Run Masu Salmon, Oncorhynchus masou” by Tsuyoshi Tamate, which was published in Zoological Science 32(4): 364–371 (2015), a number of errors appeared in Tables 1 and 3.

Table 1. The sex ratios (female proportions) of age 1+ and age-combined smolts in the Moshosanbetsu 2010 cohort should be reversed. The correct values are 76.5(%) for age 1+ and 74.3(%) for age-combined.

Table 3. The fork length S.D.s of age-combined female adults for Moshosanbetsu 2010 and 2012 cohorts are incorrect. The correct values are 26 (mm) for 2010 and 24 (mm) for 2012.

The corrected Tables are shown below.

Table 1.

Sex ratios (female proportions) of smolts and adults for each emigrating year (cohort) in each population. ‘Age-combined’ smolts include age 1+ and 2+ years smolts and ‘age-combined’ adults are composed of age 2+ and 3+ years adults and those with unknown age.


Table 3.

Body sizes (fork length, FL) of female and male adults for each cohort in each population. ‘Cohort’ and ‘age-combined’ are defined in the caption in Table 1. Note, male FLs indicate ‘adjusted FLs’ considering their elongated snouts as a secondary sexual character (see text).

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Published: 1 August 2019
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