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Avian Diseases

Avian Diseases contains full papers, research notes and case reports related to avian diseases. Though most papers focus on poultry-related diseases, research on diseases of pet and wild birds are also included.

Avian Diseases Digest

Avian Diseases Digest was published by the American Association of Avian Pathologists through 2012. The Digest published short-form articles and case reports regarding avian diseases specific to poultry health.

Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery

Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery is focused on the medicine and surgery of both captive and wild birds. It includes scientific articles, case reports, editorials, abstracts, new research, and book reviews.

Journal of Economic Entomology

Journal of Economic Entomology publishes articles on the economic significance of insects, and includes sections on apiculture and social insects, insecticides, biological control, household and structural insects, and crop protection.

Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery

Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery publishes information for veterinarians who practice on reptiles and amphibians, and includes topics such as natural history, maintenance in captivity, and medical/surgical problems.

Journal of Medical Entomology

Journal of Medical Entomology publishes reports on medical entomology and medical acarology, including the systematics/biology of insects, acarines, and other arthropods of public health and veterinary significance.

Journal of Parasitology

The Journal of Parasitology is focused on basic or applied aspects of general, veterinary, or medical parasitology, and epidemiology. The journal covers new, original research dealing primarily with parasitic animals.

Journal of Raptor Research

The Journal of Raptor Research publishes work on the biology and conservation of diurnal and nocturnal raptors, and contains articles describing their ecology, behavior, life history, conservation, and other topics.

Journal of Vector Ecology

Journal of Vector Ecology contains work on the biology, ecology and control of arthropod vectors, and the interrelationships between the vectors and the disease agents they transmit.

Journal of Wildlife Diseases

Journal of Wildlife Diseases publishes work on infectious, parasitic, toxic, nutritional, physiologic, developmental and neoplastic diseases and other factors impacting the health of wild animals.

Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine publishes original research findings, clinical observations, and case reports in the field of veterinary medicine dealing with captive and free-ranging wild animals.

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