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Air, Soil and Water Research
Open Access

Air, Soil and Water Research publishes research on soil, air, and water. The journal reports on properties—including physical, chemical, biochemical, and biological—analysis, microbiology, chemicals and pollution, consequences for plants and crops, soil hydrology, and other considerations.

AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment

Ambio, published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, includes broad, interdisciplinary research addressing the scientific, social, economic, and cultural factors that influence the condition of the human environment.

The American Biology Teacher

The American Biology Teacher is designed to support the teaching of K-16 biology and life sciences. The journal features articles related to biology as a whole, ethical issues in biology, and teaching strategies for classrooms, labs, and fieldwork.

Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management

Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management is a peer reviewed international journal devoted to understanding ecosystem performance, function, and management from integrated, multi-disciplinary, and sustainable perspectives.

Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research
Open Access

Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research publishes original research and book reviews on any scientific or cultural aspect of Arctic, Antarctic, and alpine environments, paleoenvironments, and related topics.

Environmental Health Insights
Open Access

Environmental Health Insights is an open access, peer reviewed international journal focusing on how environmental factors affect the health of individuals and societies.

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Logo

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management publishes multidisciplinary work which fosters the application of science in environmental decision-making, in areas such as policy, regulation, and management.

International Forestry Review

International Forestry Review publishes papers, comments and book reviews covering international forest science, policy, and management/conservation. This publication seeks to put an emphasis on issues of transnational significance.

International Journal of Insect Science
Open Access

International Journal of Insect Science focuses on entomological research, including behavior, development, ecology, evolution, genetics, morphology, plant-insect interactions (such as pollination), physiology, reproduction, systematics, and relationships with the environment like invasion biology.

Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) Logo

Journal of Coastal Conservation

Journal of Coastal Conservation publishes theoretical and applied interdisciplinary research on integrated and sustainable management of the terrestrial, coastal, and marine environmental interface.

Journal of Coastal Research

Journal of Coastal Research (JCR) publishes content relevant to natural and engineered coastline environments (freshwater, brackish, or marine) and the protection/management of their resources.

International Association for Great Lakes Research Logo

Journal of Great Lakes Research

Journal of Great Lakes Research publishes manuscripts on a wide range of topics in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, and geology of the large lakes of the world and their watersheds.

Journal of Resources and Ecology

Journal of Resources and Ecology is published by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The journal publishes current research in natural resource studies and ecology across a broad range of interdisciplinary topics.

Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association

Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association publishes articles and brief scientific notes containing research in the areas of mosquito and vector biology, systematics, and control.

Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science

Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science publishes original research and review papers in all areas of science supported by the Academy, such as agricultural science, anthropology, ecology, and zoology.

Journal of the North Atlantic

Journal of the North Atlantic publishes multi-disciplinary work on the peoples of the North Atlantic, their expansion into the region over time, and their interactions with their changing environments.

American Fisheries Society Logo

Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science
Open Access

Marine and Coastal Fisheries is focused on the interdisciplinary issues that impact fisheries science. The journal promotes the ecologically sound management of marine, coastal, and estuarine fisheries.

Marine Resource Economics

Marine Resource Economics publishes creative and scholarly economic analyses of a range of issues related to natural resource use in the global marine environment, such as policy, fisheries, and pollution.

Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist
Open Access

Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist publishes work on the biological natural history of western North America. Typically these articles are longer than those in the associated journal, Western North American Naturalist.

International Mountain Society Logo

Mountain Research and Development
Open Access

Mountain Research and Development (MRD) is devoted to interdisciplinary research on key topics related to mountains, mountain people and communities, and sustainable development in mountains. Find out more on the journal’s website.

Natural Areas Journal

Natural Areas Journal publishes a variety of content related to the management and preservation of natural areas, covering topics such as applied conservation biology, restoration, and fire ecology.

Northeastern Naturalist

Northeastern Naturalist publishes natural history research related to all aspects of the biology and ecology of the organisms and environments of northeastern North America.

Northwest Science

Northwest Science, published since 1927, contains original papers on wide ranging natural history and general science topics, with a geographic focus on the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada.

Ornithological Science

Ornithological Science, published by the Ornithological Society of Japan, includes reviews, original articles, short communications and comments covering all aspects of ornithology, with a global geographic scope.

Radiation Research

Radiation Research, published by the Radiation Research Society, publishes work dealing broadly with radiation effects and related subjects in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine, including epidemiology and translational research.

Society for Range Management Logo

Rangeland Ecology and Management

Rangeland Ecology & Management publishes content on all topics - including ecology, management, socioeconomic and policy - pertaining to global rangelands, in order to promote sound rangeland stewardship.


Rangelands features scientific and historical articles related to rangeland science, and covers topics such as rangeland management, technology, policy issues, economics, and education.

Tree-Ring Research

Tree Ring Research, published since 1934, contains work on the growth rings of trees and the applications of tree-ring research in a wide variety of fields, including archaeology, geology, and ecology.

Tropical Conservation Science
Open Access

Tropical Conservation Science focuses on the field of conservation of tropical forests and other tropical ecosystems. The journal serves as a forum for perspectives and analyses of contrasting concepts and data on tropical ecosystem conservation.

The Society of Wetland Scientists Logo

Wetland Science and Practice

Wetland Science and Practice provides a centralized source of information for wetland science research, covering topics such as ecology, restoration, natural history, management projects, and policy development.

The Society of Wetland Scientists Logo


Wetlands offers a central resource that gathers and publishes multidisciplinary articles specific to wetland biology, ecology, hydrology, water chemistry, soil and sediment characteristics, laws and regulations, and management.

Wilderness Medical Society Logo

Wilderness & Environmental Medicine

Wilderness & Environmental Medicine features articles on all aspects of practicing medicine in remote and austere environments, and provides research on various hazards, animal/weather-related trauma, and other topics.

Zoological Science

Zoological Science, published by the Zoological Society of Japan, is devoted to the publication of original articles, reviews, essays and editorials that cover the broad and increasingly interdisciplinary field of zoology.

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