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Acta Chiropterologica

Acta Chiropterologica, published by the Museum and Institute of Zoology at the Polish Academy of Sciences, is devoted solely to the study and discussion of bats.

Acta Ornithologica

Acta Ornithologica, published by the Museum and Institute of Zoology at the Polish Academy of Sciences, has been in publication since 1933 and covers all fields of ornithology.

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
Open Access

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, founded in 1956, publishes research of general interest from all areas of paleontology, particularly biologically-oriented paleontological work. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica is available in BioOne Complete through the 2016 volume.


Adansonia is a fast-track journal from the French Museum of Natural History, Paris, concerning the inventory, analysis, and interpretation of vascular plant biodiversity. The journal publishes research in French and English.

Conservation International Logo

Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science

Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science, published by Conservation International through 2007, was a monograph series that addressed topical issues in conservation science, such as bushmeat hunting, infrastructure development, and climate change.

African Invertebrates
Open Access

African Invertebrates is a South African journal that covers the taxonomy, systematics, biogeography, biology, ecology, conservation and palaeontology of Afrotropical invertebrates, whether terrestrial, freshwater, or marine. African Invertebrates is available in BioOne Complete through the 2015 volume

African Journal of Wildlife Research

African Journal of Wildlife Research is a multidisciplinary journal that has been published since 1971 and covers the scientific, applied, managerial, methodological, and sociological issues related to wildlife research.

African Zoology

African Zoology publishes original scientific contributions and critical reviews that focus principally on African fauna in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems.

Air, Soil and Water Research
Open Access

Air, Soil and Water Research publishes research on soil, air, and water. The journal reports on properties—including physical, chemical, biochemical, and biological—analysis, microbiology, chemicals and pollution, consequences for plants and crops, soil hydrology, and other considerations.

AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment

Ambio, published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, includes broad, interdisciplinary research addressing the scientific, social, economic, and cultural factors that influence the condition of the human environment. Ambio is available in BioOne Complete through the 2011 volume.


Ameghiniana has been in continuous publication since 1957. The journal publishes content regarding all aspects of paleontology, but is particularly focused on the paleontology of Gondwana and the southern hemisphere.

The American Biology Teacher

The American Biology Teacher is designed to support the teaching of K-16 biology and life sciences. The journal features articles related to biology as a whole, ethical issues in biology, and teaching strategies for classrooms, labs, and fieldwork.

American Fern Journal

American Fern Journal began in 1910 and has continuously published articles and notes based on original scientific research on ferns and allied groups of vascular plants for over 100 years.

American Malacological Bulletin

American Malacological Bulletin is focused exclusively on malacological research. It publishes original manuscripts, short reports, symposia, and detailed reviews dealing with molluscs.

The American Midland Naturalist

The American Midland Naturalist was established in 1909. The journal covered a diverse set of biological disciplines (animal sciences, plant sciences, ecology) as they pertain to North America. The American Midland Naturalist ceased publication in 2023.

American Museum Novitates

American Museum Novitates has been continuously published by the American Museum of History since 1921. This title publishes short papers that contain descriptions of new forms and reports in zoology, paleontology, and geology.

Annales Botanici Fennici

Annales Botanici Fennici publishes research in systematics, evolution, phylogeography, taxonomy and nomenclature of plants and fungi. The journal also includes content regarding plant population biology and genetics, and plant ecology.

Annales Zoologici

Annales Zoologici, published by the Museum and Institute of Zoology at the Polish Academy of Sciences, is devoted to all aspects of systematic entomology.

Annales Zoologici Fennici

Annales Zoologici Fennici publishes original research reports, in-depth reviews, and commentary on all aspects of animal ecology, evolution, and related fields.

Annals of Carnegie Museum

Annals of Carnegie Museum publishes work in organismal biology, earth sciences, and anthropology related to the Museum's collections, Powdermill Nature Reserve, or to Carnegie personnel.

Annals of the Entomological Society of America

Annals of the Entomological Society of America contains work that integrates different areas of insect biology and addresses current, pressing issues that are likely to be of broad relevance to entomologists. Annals of the Entomological Society of America is available in BioOne Complete through the 2015 volume.

Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden

Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden contains papers focused primarily in systematic botany and evolutionary biology.


Anthropozoologica is a fast-track, interdisciplinary journal from the French Museum of Natural History, Paris, containing work on the deep relationship between man and animal from our origins to modern times. Articles are published in French and English.

Applications in Plant Sciences
Open Access

Applications in Plant Sciences (APPS), published by the Botanical Society of America, rapidly publishes new and innovative tools and protocols in all areas of the plant sciences, including genetics, structure, function, development, evolution, systematics, and ecology. Applications in Plant Sciences is available in BioOne Complete through the 2017 volume.

International Association of Vegetation Science Logo

Applied Vegetation Science

Applied Vegetation Science publishes research on applied fields relevant to the human impact on vegetation, such as eutrophication and global change, conservation, management, restoration, and landscape planning. Applied Vegetation Science is available in BioOne Complete through the 2008 volume.

Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management

Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management is a peer reviewed international journal devoted to understanding ecosystem performance, function, and management from integrated, multi-disciplinary, and sustainable perspectives.

The Arabidopsis Book
Open Access

The Arabidopsis Book (TAB) was a publication launched in 2002 and supported by the American Society of Plant Biologists. TAB contained comprehensive information about a broad range of topics in research on Arabidopsis thaliana and related species. It ceased publication in 2019.

Arachnologische Mitteilungen: Arachnology Letters
Open Access

Arachnologische Mitteilungen, subtitled Arachnology Letters, is a rapidly-produced journal based in Germany which focuses on faunistics, ecology, and taxonomy of Arachnida (excl. Acari) in Central Europe.


Arachnology focuses on all aspects of Arachnology (excluding Acarology), including discussions of arachnid biology and ecology, descriptions of new species, and information on recent discoveries.

Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research
Open Access

Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research publishes original research and book reviews on any scientific or cultural aspect of Arctic, Antarctic, and alpine environments, paleoenvironments, and related topics. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research is available in BioOne Complete through the 2017 volume.


Ardea, published by the Netherlands Ornithologists' Union, has been in publication since 1912. The journal focuses on new findings in ornithology, in particular those covering the ecology, life history, and evolution of birds.


Ardeola: International Journal of Ornithology is the scientific journal of SEO/BirdLife, the Spanish Ornithological Society. It features research on all aspects of ornithology from all geographic regions, such as basic biology, ecology, behavior, and conservation and biogeography.

Australian Journal of Zoology

Australian Journal of Zoology publishes papers and critical reviews that demonstrate a conceptual advance to any aspect of zoology. This journal is focused on Australasian fauna, but includes work from regions worldwide.

Australian Systematic Botany

Australian Systematic Botany is devoted to publishing research regarding the systematics, taxonomy, and related aspects of biogeography and evolution of all algae, fungi and plants, including fossils.

Avian Diseases

Avian Diseases contains full papers, research notes and case reports related to avian diseases. Though most papers focus on poultry-related diseases, research on diseases of pet and wild birds are also included.

Avian Diseases Digest

Avian Diseases Digest was published by the American Association of Avian Pathologists through 2012. The Digest published short-form articles and case reports regarding avian diseases specific to poultry health. It has ceased publication.

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